06.02.2014 Strike in the Port of Lisbon

The port of Lisbon has been blocked in strikes for the last 2 years. It is amazing that the strikers did not realise that you cannot just stop working and think everything will be fine. We see now that all shipping lines are moving to the nearby Ports of Sines and Setubal who do have an eager workforce. We also are using Setubal and Sines since a year with good experience compared to the non-service in Lisbon.

07.02.2014 Road Transport from Portugal to Austria of Artwork

This week we are trucking a beautiful artwork from Lisbon to Vienna. It has been specially packed in a wooden crate and labelled fragile. Also it has been shaped in such a way that no cargo can be put on top of it. We can handle all your fragile shipments and paintings worldwide. We have our own workshop where we pack your goods in timber. We also offer insurance for fragile shipments, artwork and sculptures.

11.02.2014 Shortsea Container Transport

Container transport from Portugal to Germany has replaced partially truck transports. We give the client door to door container transport from Lisbon to Hamburg and door to door transport from Lisbon to Rotterdam when the pickup location and delivery location are not more than 200 kms from the port of loading and the port of destination.

24.02.2014 Transport from China to Portugal

Many companies and private persons now order products in China. When they want to transport these products from China to Portugal or from China to Spain they usually find the cost very high. Bekker Logistica joins many small shipments of European buyers and ships them all together at a very competitive price from China to Portugal or from China to Spain. We do air consolidation and maritime consolidation so please contact us to get a good rate for your shipment.

26.03.2014 LCL transport from Portugal to the United States

Portuguese exporters have become more competitive and are shipping more goods to the United States. We handle your smallest until your biggest cargo and delivery it safely by sea or air from Portugal to anywhere in the United States from door to door.

07.04.2014 Main departure and destiny ports in Europe for FCL Full Container Transport and LCL Groupage Transport

From Lisbon and Porto to : Rotterdam Vlissingen Antwerp Zeebrugge Amesterdam Hamburg Felixstowe London Le Havre Valencia Barcelona Bilbao Aarhus Oslo Viena Teesport - New Castle Southampton Odessa Varna Burgas Livorno Genova La Spezia Constancia

07.11.2016 Certificate of Origin

We issue certificates of origin for all the shipments that are exported from EU countries. This enables the importer at destination many times to reduce the import duties and other taxes. They use the certificate of origin to proof to the customs at destination that the goods were manufactured in Europe. Please inform us at the time of booking that you need the CVO, COO, EUR1, Certificate of Origin (the before all mean the same thing) and we will issue it for you.