We offer worldwide Full container and Groupage transport service. Full container shipments can be either normal boxes, high cube, open top, flat rack or reefer containers. We provide lashing, fumigation and cargo inspection services before shipping upon request to ensure that you receive the goods that you ordered and that the cargo is safely stowed to avoid any damage during the transport.

Groupage LCL import cargoes are shipped to Rotterdam. There we custom clear them and truck them to the door of the consignee in Europe. We call this our Sea Clear Road system. This procedure was adapted because we found transitimes for LCL cargoes unacceptable. Our Sea Clear Road system leads to very short transitimes at the same cost as normal LCL shipment. Another advantage is that the custom clearance in North Europe brings our customers additional cost reduction due to a beneficial VAT taxing system.

Our customers are provided with standard reports during the flow of the cargo from origin to destiny such as pick-up, laden on board, document request, and arrival reports.

Both Full and Groupage import shipments are usually door to door with custom clearance in the North of Europe or in Portugal. Whenever we receive a booking confirmation we check first if you need any special certificates or licences to custom clear the shipment at its destiny and we inform our customers in advance to avoid any delay or problem with documents at the time of arrival.