We have vast experience with national movings by truck,movings by truck and container within Europe, and intercontinental movings of used personal and business goods in full containers ,LCL ,and by air.

Especially with intercontinental movings it is very important to consult us before taking any step.Usually it is required to issue consulate endorsed packing lists or other documents before departure of the vessel or aircraft. These documents in many cases exempt the person or company from paying import duties and value added tax (VAT) in the country of destiny.

Our services are divided into three parts for easy understanding.You can choose the service based on your preference and requirement.

1) Basic Service - The transport of already packed goods from origin to destiny.

2) Extensive Service - Checking of documental needs at origin and destiny , production of documents required, packing of personal and business goods at origin location, export customs clearance, transport of the goods to destination, customs clearance at destiny, placement and mounting of furniture and equipment at destiny location.

3) Optional Service:

  • Packing and unmounting at origin, unpacking and mounting at destiny of personal effects , furniture, and IT equipment etc.

  • Customs export and import clearance of personal and company goods.

  • Check and advise of documents needed for the clearance and taxes to be paid.

  • Production of professional packing lists, invoices , value declarations and other documents needed for international removals.

  • Crating of fragile and high value goods.